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Fiber-cement Siding
A wonderfully low cost material with pleasant aesthetics. It is rot, fire, and termite proof with the ability to look like painted wood, shingles, or even stone and brick. Not to mention, it is minimal upkeep.
Vinyl Siding
This material is a durable form of plastic exterior wrapping that is both beautiful and weatherproofed. There are various choices of colors and texture choices to choose from. Furthermore, vinyl siding is unique in the fact that the color is baked-in, meaning no scratches or stripped paint. Moreover, it is a very low maintenance material that is easy to clean dust, cobwebs, and debris from. Overall, it is a great, low cost choice.
Wood Siding
Choosing wood siding is wildly popular due to the natural beautiful appearance it has. It also provides solid insulation to keep your home temperate. A big factor in homeowners choosing this material is that it is a renewable resource and more environmentally friendly than others. Additionally, wood siding is easily replaceable with quick and easy removal. The most exciting part of this material is the ability to paint it any color you’d like!

Not sure about investing in new siding? Take a look at some of the benefits:

Repair Structural Damage
It is common for homes to have unseen structural damage underneath their siding. Thus, it is important to have a professional take a look and make note of any needed repairs hiding beneath.
Energy Efficiency
Adding an extra layer between the elements and your home can never hurt. Keep the cold and heavy winds out and keep your family comfortable all while reducing monthly energy bills.
Enhance Your Home
Siding can give your home a vibrant new look. Clean lines and sharp colors that don’t fade or chip away can transform your home.
Reduced Painting Costs
Finally, no more repairs for a long time! Siding holds paint well and for a long time, making it easy to maintain.