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Benefits of Roof Coating

Aside from being a money-saver, roof coating has many advantages.

Energy Efficiency
A cooler roof reduces the burden of intense heat on your air conditioning system, saving you money in potential repairs and electricity usage.
Fire Resistant
Roof coatings slow the progress of a fire outbreak. With this comes the potential to qualify for a reduced property insurance rate.
Heat Reflection
With roof coating, solar energy is directed away from your roof allowing your home or building to remain cool and comfortable.
commercial roof coatings don’t add any weight stress to your current roofing structure. This is important when you have more than one roof and are restricted by building codes.
Seamless & Waterproof
Heavy rain and pooling water don’t stand a chance. Leave no seams for water to penetrate.
Low Maintenance
Aside from the occasional upkeep and cleaning to remove debris and dirt, roof coatings are essentially maintenance free! Save your time and money.

Gaco Roof Coating

At Duxworth Roofing & Sheet Metal, we use Gaco Coatings for our residential or commercial coating. Gaco coating is 100% silicone that creates a seamless membrane that works to seal and repair any existing damages. Additionally, it adheres easily to most surfaces without a primer.

The protection of GacoRoof goes beyond expectations. It permanently protects against leaks, ponding water, severe weather, and harsh UV rays. It does so without any bubbling or breaking down of materials. As a silicone material, it stays flexible with impenetrable adhesion that resists mildew, mold, or staining.
GacoRoof brings a surprising amount of versatility when it comes to roofing materials. It is available in several colors offering the ability to match and enhance the aesthetics of your home. We will extend the life of your roof while keeping it stylish.
Sealing and repairing your roof doesn’t have to be out of budget. With this in mind, it makes sense to take advantage of GacoRoof and their affordability in comparison to replacing an entire roof. Extending the life of your roof means less interruptions and disruptions to your home or business.