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Gutter Installation

Types of Gutters Offered

Duxworth Roofing offers three staple gutter materials. These include:

The most popular choice for rain gutter material is aluminum. Why so? Aluminum gutters are a dependable and reasonably priced option. They are covered with an enamel coating that protects against rust and the likes of thinning. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about joints or seams becoming worn.Their lifetime can be up to 20 years or longer depending on your local climate. Additionally, there are an array of colors that make it easy to match the style of your house.
Galvalume gutters have an advantage over other materials due to their enhanced protective properties. They are constructed of steel substrate and coated in a mix of aluminum and zinc. Thus, the steel strengthens the gutters, making them durable while the zinc and aluminum protect against rusting. In addition, Galvalume performs well when exposed to water or other liquids that might otherwise erode materials. With proper maintenance, these gutters can last anywhere from 70-150 years.
Copper gutters are known for adding a sense of style to your home. They have a beautiful finish and add a bit of flair. Not only this, but copper gutters don’t rust or wear out easily giving them a life span of up to 50 years without repairs or replacements. They are known for their durability against heavy winds, fallen debris, and overall bad weather.